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Dreyfuss Capital Management is an Investment Advisor to Institutional Investors & Ultra High Net Worth Clients exclusively. We operate three core portfolios, two focused on growth and one focused on income. 

Our Innovative Growth portfolio is segmented into three groups of equities: Core, Value and Disruptive Growth. The Core Group are companies that have dominant share of their respective markets. The Value Group are companies that produce consumer goods that are recession resistant with significant moats. The Disruptive Growth Group are companies that seek to revolutionize and disrupt entire industries and business models for the betterment of the world.

Our Disruptive Growth strategy focuses specifically on companies seeking to disrupt antiquated business models within four main areas; technology, renewable energy, industrials and transportation. Together, these segments create a well diversified ESG focused disruptive innovation strategy.

Our Income portfolios focus on sustainable income from investments. Sustainable to Dreyfuss Capital means limiting exposure to fossil fuels, utilities and other industries that undermine global climate change initiatives while generating a reliable stream of dividends and interest for income focused investors.

Foresight is a Key Principle in Investing

"A wise one is one with foresight"- Ethics of the Fathers


We Invest
Fearless but Educated Investments
Disruptive companies
balanced approach to growth & income
Sustainable Esg Mandate for impact investing
proven trading strategy


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